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왜 베리타스?

 베리타스기독학교의 사명은 우리자신을 그리스도께 헌신하여 창조주 하나님의 진리로써 장래의 지도자들에게 리더쉽 마인드와 섬기는 마음을 준비하고 갖추도록 하는데 있다. 우리는 이를 위하여 세계를 무대로 기독교적 환경에서 탁월한 학습을 제공하는데 매진한다 


Online   & On-Campus classes


Math (Math I, II, Calculus, Advanced Math) 

Science (General Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry), 

History & Geography,  

English Literature, 

Korean,  Chinese
Music, PE (Swimming, Tennis, Taekwondo, Golf, Soccer, Cross-Country)


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전문인 준비과정 

Motto (학교모토)

Decidedly Christian (확고한 신앙)

 We believe that the basis of all teaching is God and His Word. Our desire is that each student would accept Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior. A goal of our mission is to nurture and train each child so that they will grow and develop in Godly character and a lifestyle of Godly deeds. Christian faculty use Christian curriculum to develop a Biblical world view in our students. 

Distinguished Academics 탁월한 학습

 We offer a wide range of learning and corroborating opportunities in academics, athletics, social and fine arts.  We use a variety of textbooks and educational materials including the latest technologies in multi-media. 

Distinctly Different 뚜렷한 차이

 Mokpo International Christian School has begun to establish a precedent for providing parents and equipping students with a Christ-centered and academically superior education.  We continue to strive for providing our students with a school encompassing an extended Christian family; this family represents many local, national and international Christian churches.  

Mokpo International Christian School

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베리타스 기독학교 (중고등)


학교방문이나 상담을 원하시면 미리 연락 주세요  (Please call us to make an appointment)

베리타스 기독학교

982 Ogam-dong, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

목포시 옥암동 982번지 평안비전관
(061) 287-0981


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


8:30 AM - 6:00 PM